Engineering an Empire

Engineering an Empire

Project & Topic: Engineering an Empire

Talent showcased: XHTML, CSS, Flash, jQuery, Web Development

Objective: Extend the Engineering an Empire experience to the web.

Category: Television/Entertainment

Strategy: A major goal was to keep the branding as the show consistent with the web experience. Additional content will help support the show and extend the experience for fans.

Warmoth Custom Guitar Builder

Warmoth Custom Guitar Builder

Project & Topic: Warmoth Custom Guitar Builder

Talent showcased: ActionScript 3.0, Development

Objective: To provide the user with an interactive experience, and allow them to build a custom guitar.

Category: Business

Strategy: To use ActionScript 3.0 to create interactivity that allows the user to custom build a guitar. During each step in the customization process, illustrated parts of the guitar are displayed to help guide the user.

RadioShack R/C Challenge

RadioShack R/C Challenge

Project & Topic: RadioShack R/C Challenge

Talent showcased: ActionScript 3.0, Flash and Game Development

Objective: Extend the RadioShack brand to the gaming community.

Category: Corporate/Interactive Game

Strategy: Using ActionScript 3.0 and the corporate branding of RadioShack, I created an interactive game, allowing the user to race an R/C car. The driver must be careful to avoid obstacles and take advantage of timely placed power ups on their way to the finish line.

Home Depot Admin Utility

Home Depot Admin Utility

Project & Topic: Home Depot Admin Utility

Talent showcased: Development of a content management system using the following web technologies: PHP, MySQL, XML, XHTML, CSS

Objective: To showcase the brand and products of Home Depot.

Category: Corporate

Strategy: To use corporate branding and simple navigation, to allow employees to easily navigate the inventory and find information on Home Depot's products.

The Circulatory System

The Circulatory System

Project & Topic: The Circulatory System - Companion Piece

Talent showcased: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, Lightbox, Organization, Development, Problem Solving

Category: Group Project - Application Development

Strategy: Communicate the process of my involvement in a group project about The Circulatory System. My primary role was development, but I assisted in concept development as well as the presentation.


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