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The steam engine is a famous british inention.

The British Empire was one of the largest empires in the world. At its height England owned territories on every colony except Antarctica. This great wealth allowed the empire to achieve great engineering and agriculture greatness. From the Tower of London to the steam engine, Britain's achievements allowed it to become a world superpower. In 1776, the empire was struck a mass blow, when the 13 American colonies won a war for independence. A few decades later, Napoleons conquest of Europe came close to also conquering England. With the British victory at Trafalgar against a combined Spanish and French fleet, England was able to reclaim its former glory and extend the empire to its heights.

Big Ben and the buildings of parlament .

Big Ben is undoubted the most iconic British landmark. Actually the name of the bell inside the tower, Big Ben was constructed in 1859 and is one of the tallest clock towers in the world. The interior workings of the clock are an engineering achievement in its self. A combination of wheels and spokes, allowed for a regulated movement of the pendulum and the movement of the hands. Adding pennies on the pendulum can increase or decrease time on the clock.

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