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The Maya

The famous mayan calendar

The Maya was a civilization much similar to the Aztecs. The Maya resided in what is now modern Guatemala. Made up of numerous city states, these cities constantly clashed in wars over territory and sacrifices for the gods. The most powerful of them was Tikal, which was responsible for uniting the cities it an empire. Similar to the Aztec religion, the Maya practiced human sacrifices in order to pay the blood debt that was believed to have occurred at creation. The architecture also has similarities to each empire. Both cultures built pyramids and other structures that reach above the jungles of Central America.

The mayan city of Tikal

Mayan architecture was very similar to that of the Aztecs. Two of the most famous Mayan structures are Temple IV, and the Temple of the Giant Jaguar. Rising 187 feet in the air, Temple IV was created at around 700 B.C. and is the burial place of an unknown ruler. It is believed that the ruler was the eldest son of King Jasaw K'awill, but is still under debate. The Temple of the Giant Jaguar is another famous structure. This temple was the first pyramid to be built in Tikal. Rising only 154 feet, it is shorter then the other temples but is well known for being the first temple to be excavated in Tikal.

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