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The area owned by Carthage
after their lost to Rome in
the Second Punic war.

Carthage was an empire located in modern day Tunisia. Built in 814 B.C., the empire expanded to controlling large area of northern Africa, along with parts of Spain, Sicily, and many islands in the Mediterranean. The Carthaginians became expert sailors, and were able to extend their trade too many other empires, including Rome, Greece, and Egypt. However, Carthage was in constant conflict with Rome for control of the Mediterranean, fighting in multiple wars which were knows as the Punic wars. Then end of the third and final Punic war ended with the complete destruction by Rome of Carthage, and the collapse Carthaginian Empire.

A model render of Carthage.

The greatest engineering achievement of Carthage was the city itself. The walls of Carthage were the strongest fortifications the world saw until the walls of Byzantium centuries later. During the final day of Carthage, it took Rome months to break through the walls, and even then it took the Roman army a week of fighting block by block before they simply burned Carthage to the ground. Another marvel of Carthage was its naval port. The port was used by both merchants and the Carthaginian navy, and included dry docks, a shipyard, watch towers and more. The design of the port allowed for the navy to assemble in a speed and efficiency scene at air bases today.

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